All leak detection is done underwater so I never drain the pool.  The fastest and simplest way to find a leak is by dye testing.  To dye test basically I go around the inside of the pool with a syringe with dye in it.  I check the skimmer, around the returns, tile line, inside the pool light (behind the light housing where the wiring is), plumbing, and inside the main drains on the bottom.  When the dye disappears that's where the leak is.  It sounds easy but it definitely helps to know what your looking for and the knowledge of fixing over 300 pools a year.  I also use acoustic leak detection which involves a super sensitive hydrophone.  This works great for larger leaks, complex pools and for checking plumbing.  After the leak is located it is fixed with hydraulic cement or underwater epoxy.
If you have questions call me.  I give technical support and advice for free!
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Welcome to Jackson Leak Detection.  Owned and operated by Chris Jackson a professional firefighter.  Chris has been fixing pool leaks in Lee County since 2003.  The original owner and founder of Leak Medic Leak Detection.  Leak Medic was fixing over 300 leaks per year when sold in 2008.  Chris has returned with the same great service and a reputation for quickly and effectively getting your leaks located and repaired.  Jackson Leak Detection will work with your pool builder, pool service technician or the home owner to make sure your pool leak is resolved in the most cost effective way as possible. 
All repairs also carry a 6 month warranty. 

Contact Chris at 239-770-3068 or
Don't let this happen to your pool!  I am a certified diver and a licensed / insured professional that will fix it right the first time!
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